I am worried about Grandmama. She has a problem with her throat and keeps choking, which makes her panic . She’s phoning me everyday in a sorry state , which is hard to deal with when you are rock bottom yourself. Saint Del ( yes , I have officially canonised her – I couldn’t survive without her ) has brought forward Ma’a appt with the swallowing doctor ( OK ladies, don’t all rush for his number ) to Monday. So meanwhile if you are anywhere near Thornton Heath , do pop in and see her. I took her out to see Betty yesterday at another Old Folks Home – funnily enough I feel quite relaxed with all the old dears, I love their conversation and their honesty.

John, Andy J and I went up to Victoria last night to meet some of the ‘Ace’ Team . Augustine, Jo and Anton who are over from Kenya for a week and Juliet , who is their co-ordinator over here. We were bowled over by the work the do , they have placed 38 children at South End Academy, Rosie’s teacher starts in Jan 10 and we are all welcome to visit. It means a flight to Nairobi and then an internal flight to Kisumu, so not easy or cheap ! We are hoping to get more photos to show you and they are going to print off photos of Rosie and her work and make a display over there. It moves me so much.

Coincidentally , yesterday I received my first school report of a student, Carren Kanjala aged 14 who I am sponsoring through secondary education . Although the bursary is through ACE , I pay for it myself , in memory of Rosie. She is lovely, appreciative and sent me a beautiful letter – not easy when your first language is Kiswahili. You will be thrilled that her overall grade is B+ ( I don’t think Jane and I ever managed that ) and she is an active member of the drama club.This is amazing when you know her family background.

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