I remember John asking if he could eat half my toast

Oh Georgina, I think I remember you and Rosie’s radio programme. Who was the celeb guest , what problems did you answer ,what was your prog called ? I managed to dig an old cassette player out at work . It worked and the ”testing testing 1 2 3 ” took me right back to Elaine West’s bedroom in 1972 .

Had a fab time at the Chiswick ‘High Road swanky Auction with a lovely cafe/bar’ last night .There was some gorgeous stuff and I found myself bidding for a couple of wall vases..it was quite addictive esp as no money changes hands at the time ,so its like playing being in an episode of ‘Lovejoy’…luckily for my Nat West overdraft facility, I was outbid !

Wetlands centre today – best time of year to go – all those cute baby ducks ( to scare ).

This time 23 years ago ,I was being force fed quiche and told my baby wasn’t ready to come .Two hours later , the quiche made a re-appearance and then three hours after that so did Jacob !

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