I’m memorialed out .

This morning John and I were up with the lark and off in search of water – not in a divining sort of way ,but in a beautiful vista sort of way .So we packed a flask ,a picnic , threw in the chairs and table( camping variety not the ones from the breakfast room ) , hopped into Emerald ,stopped for the paper and headed west to Runnymede . We parked up by our favourite little beachy-spot ,right on the river , got out and walked The Runnymede Loop .

First stop was The Kennedy Memorial ,second stop, The Magna Carta Memorial and then a climb up the hill to The Commonwealth Airforces Memorial . All are absolutely beautiful ,but TCAM is amazing – so beautiful and serene with the most amazing view at the very top .You can see over The Thames, The Wraysbury Reservoirs ,Heathrow Airport etc .We then came back down ,crossed the water-meadows to the river ,flopped down and gauped at all the big cruisers going past.

I think the words carved into the Portland Stone say it all

”Their name liveth for evermore ”

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