I love a film where the audience claps at the end

Ipm Sunday , Genesis Cinema, Mile End , one screening of the brilliant Irish film ‘Sanctuary ‘ …and I’m so glad I went .

Did you know that it wasn’t until 2017 that the Irish Government repealed a law which made it a criminal offence for a person with an intellectual disability to have a sexual relationship?

This film was just about that – not the political side but the human ,physical and emotional side . The actors were from The Blue Teapot group , a multi-award winning Theatre Company, Performing Arts School & Outreach programme for people with intellectual disabilities and at the forefront of arts & disability in Ireland.

It was set in Galway and it was brilliant – happy ,sad , thought provoking , at times very funny and at the end the whole audience clapped .

I never realised ‘how in the dark’ Ireland is

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