When’s the final ?

Arjun gets my vote. The main reason I like him is cos at the beginning of the programme , they show his back view skipping down the street and he does a little side jump, clicking his heels in the air.Ever since I saw Jack Wild do that ,when playing The Artful Dodger, in ‘Oliver’ I have been jealous as I can’t do it , so am full of admiration for anyone who can . Plus he repairs PC’s , so he ( Arjun , not Jack Wild ) could come and live with me if he wins and we can frequent ‘The Bridge Cafe’ – which is near us in North Acton ( I know – too much information – I’m waffling ). Adam , I can’t stand Zoe – all those little sideways glances – I want to pull that beret right down over her face.

Grandmama had an audience with the Doc in front of the summerhouse today.Sounds like a scene from the film ‘remains of the day ‘ – I assure you it wasn’t . He prescribed more pain relief and a huge dose of TLC – I shall miss him when she moves

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  1. I hate Zoe!! apperently she was expelled from her last school for spraying ‘pakis go home’ on the toillet door..

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