Saw butterflies in Wisley during the day

Sunday night and I thought Tranny bingo was good , late Thursday night and I thought Musical bingo was fantastic . Last night two friends and I toddled off to ‘Eat,Shop,Do’ in Kings Cross for Jess Indeedy’s Musical bingo. It was fab – five rounds each with a different theme – Colours ,Hip-Hop ( we were pants at that ) ,The Sixties, The Seventies and Girls Names .On each round we were given a card with nine different song titles and their artists, on it .The DJ then played about half the song and we marked them off if we had it . Each round there were four prizes – for 3 in a row , 2x 3 in a row , 3×3 in a row and full house . The whole place was jumping ! Everyone was singing , dancing , bonding ,eating , drinking and happy .The atmosphere was amazing .I won 3x3rows on The Sixties Round and had a choice of a ‘make your own moustache kit’ or a mystery price .I chose the mystery prize and won 5 shots of my choice .So us three and the 2 girls at the next table (new BF’s ? ) all licked, sucked and swallowed !

Talking of one of my passions in life- games…last Saturday we went to some friend’s house for dinner and we played ‘The Bowl Game ‘, but our host added a fourth round – after the first round-words , second round -one word ,third round- mime ,we had to just use facial expressions- no speech , no mime ,no anything – just your face , for the fourth round .Genius .( I’m easily pleased )

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