Jason Watkins ,you will probably know him from W1A, Line of Duty ,Nativity etc .

I’ve written about him before .His daughter ,Maude, died suddenly of sepsis on New Years Day 2010.

Yesterday , he wrote a piece in The Guardian entitled ‘When we hold hands ,Maude is there with us

He has a prominent tattoo on his left forearm; The tattoo spells out his daughter’s name: Maude. His wife, Clara Francis, has the same tattoo, only hers is on her right arm. “When we hold hands,” explains Jason, “we like to think Maude is right there with us.”.

What a lovely thing to do.

The article resonates .It is personal ,honest ,too close too home . He is a patron of CBUK and has campaigned for sepsis to be more widely understood . Even closer to home .

He ends with this

”Time does make a difference, however. “When your child dies, it’s like this massive red dot in front of you,”

“And as time goes on, it’s still right there in front of you, but it gets smaller. But the thing you know is, it’s always going to be there; it will never disappear, and that’s the right way and the only way for things to be.”

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