Thank you to everyone who remembered Rosie yesterday .

We were moved by your donations,cards, games, plants, toasts of champagne on the morning Eurostar to Paris,wine,amazing Indian food and of course the wonderful company of some of Rosie’s kind,funny,generous ,thoughtful friends. I had intended making a little speech of how lovely they all were , how lucky Rosie was to be part of such an easy-going group, how grateful I was to them for sticking with us ,but I was speechless after they revealed…Georgina had never ate KFC, Adam was related to Camilla Parker Bowles, Holly had eaten illegal substances as a baby, Florence had led a revolution,Stu’s sort of uncle was a reserve for the 2nd Big brother series, Nikki had run into a goalpost, Jacob had a revenge egging at Chickenspot ,Ryan had been dropped down an escalator as a baby,Amy was related to the King of Spain,Izzy P’s relation was the first female mayor of Leeds, Joe had nicked a ‘friends’ bottle of wine and then replaced it with another one he nicked and Laura’s Mum had fallen in a huge mound of pig poo. It wasn’t a group therapy session , but a game of ‘Would I lie to You ? ‘ Preceded by indoor fireworks, pass-the parcel with the prize being a game of consequences…it’s got to be done .

Rosie was with us all the whole evening

5 Replies to “friends”

  1. Harry’s Viennese Waltz looked pretty perfect to me and it was danced to what I only ever think of as Rosie’s Song…….This Year’s Love…. Beautiful and a lovely birthday tribute. xx

  2. Rach, did I ever tell you that my step grandmother was friends with Ruby Murray’ parents?????? Beat that one readers!!!!!

  3. I can’t believe we both wrote about that at exactly the same time. It was so beautiful to watch through the tears. Love you xx

  4. Thank you for a lovely evening, I had a great time and think Rosie would have loved it. I just iPlayered Harry’s waltz, it was beautiful and I think they definitely did the song justice xxx

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