5 pairs of bedsocks in the top drawer

Just got back from sorting out Grandmama’s winter/ summer wardrobe. Its just a question of swopping all the Breton short sleeved stripey T shirts and cut off trousures for the Breton long sleeved stripey T shirts plus thermal vests and cordrouy trousures. She’s quite trendy for an 88year old – not a touch of crimplene in sight. I then persuaded her to go to Keep fit , with the lovely Judy( now she does deserve a medal ), what she gets those old dears to do with a squidgey ball and a length of elastic, wouldn’t be allowed on most legal websites.

I don’t know if John , Jacob and Florence are the same , but my grief surrounds my head like a foggy haze- sometimes it is clearer than others , sometimes it is so overwhelming I cannot function at all and othertimes it comes over you like a tidal wave – and you never know when its going to hit – it could be a word,a smell, music, people , clothes . Just seeing kids in an Oaklands or Elthorne uniform , drives me half crazy with grief. Last night , I was winded when I read that ‘Jump’ is coming back to london . Rosie and I went to see it one Sat matinee and we were hysterical , it was brilliant -The Simpsons meet Brian Rix meet Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon . The audience was 90% male, average age 8 ! We stood out like a sore thumb , which made us more hysterical , plus there was no queue in the bar – joyous days.

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