Film 09

Just got in from seeing “let the right one in “.Dont go and see it if you dont like-


anything to do with vampires


swimming pools



changing rooms

bridges ( not jeff or Mrs )

Shortbread biscuits ( I made the last one up, just thought it might stir Stu into getting up of the settee and writing on her JB)

3 Replies to “Film 09”

  1. Is it that Norwegian vampire/social-realism movie and was it good?? It was a BIG hit here, but we also understand what they’re saying 🙂

  2. loved it … only went to see it as it was subtitled, and it turned out to be pretty good! what did you think, your post is rather ambiguous!?

  3. I saw that movie a month ago and it was so scarry!! It was really late when I got out and dark. Uh it was creepy!
    The next movie Im going to see is Lars Von Triers “Antichrist”. Ill bet I probebly shit my pans!

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