There are 36 eggs in a tray…..

To be auctioned…

1. A vegetable Planter – Roy Harvey

2. A delicious chocolate cake – The Maynards

3. A conga lesson (get a group together!?) – Winston Reece

4. Two handmade bowls – Lorna Kyle

5. A bread making lesson (up to 3 people) – Sally Pickles

6. 1 tray of fresh eggs from Adam Watsons family farm in Norfolk

7. Another tray of fresh eggs from Adam Watsons farm

8. A chauffeured picnic to Kew Gardens for two – free entry and a nice afternoon picnic – Izzy Pickles

9. A selection of homemade cupcakes – Kate J

10. 3x 1hour Italian lessons for beginners ( individual or small group) – Laura Schaleppi

11. A framed and mounted painting of a house or garden (yours, a friends?) – Rachel Dwyer

12. A planter of flowers for your garden – Ali and Andy

13. A dinner party for 8 – Gill and Anna

14. A one hour professional career coaching session (on your own or as a group) – Caroline Darkins

15. A sewing lesson – Kim Manino

16. Graphic design work for business cards/invites/bookmaking etc. Whatever you fancy! – Laura Gordon

17. An ‘Empty’ book – Florence Dwyer

18. A selection of Pauls Boutique wear (you choose – jumpers, purses, handbags) – Kim Manino

19. A full day of topless gardening! – Alex Jukes and Leo Gizzi

20. A meal for 6 with table service and entertainment, brought to your home – Nikki, Rachel Davenport and whoever else

21. Experimental portrait photoshoot – Jacob Dwyer

22. A luxury hamper – Holly, Ryan and Stu

23. An astrological chart drawn based on recipients place and exact time of birth. Together with a detailed description of their character. Secondly a cheesecake to come to terms with any distressing results from above – Ian Stewart

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