Another apology

Claire No 3 – Lovely words thank you …

Adam _ I am so so sorry. Just before I went to bed last night , I thought I’d txt Jacob , but stopped myself in case he hadnt seen it …didnt think of my bloggers.

Also just remembered , Hats off to Emma , I went out with her a couple of weeks ago and she knew who was in the final and didn’t tell me . Her sister in law, Chantal , owns ‘Rococco Chocolates’ – the shop they visited……..

2 Replies to “Another apology”

  1. We could start a new theme here-‘who do you know who knows someone just a little bit famous’.My claim is-my sister who lives in California has just had a new baby and returns to work next month.Her uni has 12 nursery places,she has 1 and the ‘octomum’ has 8 (returning to finish her masters or something ,as you do).The ‘octomum’is having a reality tv crew follow her around,be prepared to see a little baby girl held by an english mum been thrust into every angle shot of the nursery.

  2. i know someone who knows one of the previous Apprentice contestants, Rory. Can I be in your club Lorna?

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