‘I like to Boogie’

Get googling – Jacob is now in Batumi, Georgia. We had some friends round for supper last night and they were a mine of information 1 ) Georgia is the mafia capital of Russia 2) ‘Pineapple’ on Sky is well worth watching- rivalling Glee in its campness. So , as usual ,today, I was up with the lark , brain going crazy with longing for Rosie, so I made porridge washed it down with a couple of coffees and bedded down to 2 previous episodes of Glee ( my favourites are Terri and Emma and Sue ) and set the skybox for Pineapple ( where Rosie went a few times ) …and then today is TUIPD ( the ultimate in postive distractions) – out for lunch and seeing the show ‘Billy Elliot’- which is amazing. One happy evening about 4 years ago, the 5 of us went to see it. As I recall, Billy got sick in the first half , so we had a different Billy in the second half. As usual , Rosie comes with me.

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  1. hi rachel,

    read your email this morning and am now all signed up for the 10k. i am yet to create a justgiving page but will get to it soon, and hopefully collect a couple of pennies towards rosie’s charity. i have a tshirt from last year so won’t need a new one. looking forward to july!

    thinking of your family, especially your lovely daughter, always xxx

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