Ooh missus

It’s not commonly known ,but John’s always been partial to a big gherkin , so today , for his birthday treat ,I took him up one .But not just any old random one ,but THE one , in St Mary Axe .

The bar and restaurant at the top on the 38th and 39th floors have been open for 10 years ,but never open to the public .But for five weeks ,ending today ,they have been . So I got clicking ,booked us a table ,then after going through all the security checks , we were whisked upwards into the domey bit right at the top for classy cocks . It was wonderful – a panoramic view over the Olympic Village and North London . Then we walked down the spiral staircase into the restaurant and were given a great table by the window overlooking The Walkie-talkie,The Cheese-grater ,The Shard,The Monument,St Paul’s Cathedral ,The River etc etc . The food was fabulous .I always been partial to a bit of smoked eel , so that went down a treat . I think what made it so great was the atmosphere – all the diners seemed so happy to be there .Everyone was taking photos of each other .The staff were taking photos of us .We were taking photos of each other trying to get The Shard coming out the top of our heads .

It was a shame to come down .

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