The title of the book has nothing to do with my little story

I dId somethIng I consIder to be quIte brave today .

I looked , well peeped ,in my 2008 dIary .

Up untIl now I haven’t looked In one of my 36 dIarIes pre 21st December 2008 .

Admittedly I didn’t read anythIng ,just opened it at the back page and looked at a list – but It’s a start .

And thIs Is why .
At the moment I am readIng Kate AtkInson’s ‘When will there be good news?’ and the more I read of it ,the more feelIngs of deja-vu I am gettIng . I’m sure I’ve read It before ,but I have no recollectIon of what happens next and when I last read It .So me beIng ‘a back of my dIary lIst-maker of books,fIlms,exhIbItIons etc ‘,I had to check and because thIs mental blur was one of the blurrIest ever -I thought it had to be in 2008 . I know I found it impossible to read anything in 2009 and could only manage a little light reading in 2010 . But It wasn’t In 2008’s list and I dIdn’t even bother looking In 2009 .But there it was in November 2010 wIth a little eight out of ten markIng next to It.

PathetIc Isn’t It ?

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