Our Christmas

As my friend Bjork would say ” Ssssh , it’s oh so quiet it’s oh so still”.

Yesterday afternoon Thor,Gro, Frigg,Sarah and Kristian left us and jetted off back to Copenhagen .They managed to solve the problem of how to take Thor’s Christmas present from us back with them .When I bought the Chemistry Set ,complete with explosive chemicals ,I didn’t really think about how they would get it home on their Easy…-pay-for-everything-no frills-but expect you to take skis-buy insurance-book a fast track…Jet flight .But they did and I haven’t heard of any mishaps over the North Sea , so all must have gone smoothly .

We had a lovely time .We played Perfection,Operation,Chinese Checkers and Cluedo. We passed the parcel , wore wigs , stuck names on our heads . We drove out to Rosie’s Woods. We played Frisbee and of course took the rugby ball .It started gently with kicks and throws and before we knew it we were in a circle, throwing,catching,running and skipping around the circle ..in the style of choice of the last person who dropped the ball ( think ballerina/ jazz hands/ gospel ) .We fell over . Then we picnicked on the green .We came home covered in mud .
We watched two films ‘Final Destination ‘- pants . ‘Sightseers’- brilliant. …. and like everyone else ate and drank too much

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