Anyone else got a packet ?

Four days and one night in Christine Brown ( I have a cousin with that name in NZ ) Critical Care Ward, Kings College Hospital ,have been punctuated with a few treats and sadly, a cancellation of dinner chez Mandy’ & Chris’s( back too late and not feeling too chipper ). The few treats have been coffee with Kay , supper with Fiona, Coffee, cake and shed inspection at Pattie and Jim’s …and the discovery of TePe size 2 brushes – the best £ 3.89 ever spent .When you pull them out and see all the gunk you’ve been storing up , it’s a great feeling. If you can afford it , rush out and buy some .

The Grandmothers continue to gain strength. Nanny, went to mass this afternoon, while Grandma REFUSED to co-operate with the physio.

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  1. I’m almost frightened to ask—-what are you pulling the brushes out of? Is this some kind of special ear cleaning brush or worse?

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