*A: Quantum Physics .

Oh Georgina, Fenton is history , youtube ‘John Archer fooling Penn and Teller’. I saw him , spoke to him,adore him and performed with (ish )him last night.

The man is amazing . In one of his tricks ( the best one ) , he had 6 stooges .The first was Andy Shutz ( Anna’s Dad ) and the 5th was me. Its hard to explain , but he fooled us ( doesn’t take much ) , we had our jaws on our chest ( once again , for some of us ,it doesn’t take much ). I tried wxplaining it to John and jacob , but they looked suitably bored .

But right here goes. John Archer, on stage , handed a cardboard ‘Starbucks type’ cup with a dice in it ,to Andy. Andy stood up , shook the cup and with his hand over the top , peeked in , made a mental note of the number and then he handed the cup with the dice in it , to another member of the audience . This happened 5 more times. Meanwhile , john Archer , who remained on stage the whole time , asked us dice throwers lots of questions…most unusual food you’ve ever eaten/first person you kissed etc ( Luckily mine was , favourite subject at school ?*). The 6th person handed the cup back to John A. and then he proceeded to go name the six of us ,in order ,the answers to all our questions , and the number on the top of our rolled dice.Of course he got them all right he was jaw droppingly amazing.

I love magic , it is a true ,genius, happy,thought-provoking distraction.

PS Did any of that make sense ?

I know singular of dice is die , but it just didn’t read right.

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