Splash !

Actually i came in at a respectable third in the tournament. Shame I was 5th in the contract whist. still you know what they say ”lucky at cards , unlucky at love ”’……..Never mind Sarah ( our champ ).

Talking of which, have Sarah, Sarah B and Stu dried up ( I think theres a little cream you can buy over the counter for that now ). At one point they were ardent 10k message boarders – come back , we miss you.If its any consolation AF has an ankle injury – so theres a stating point for you.

As usual , John and I were up with the lark , in fact I’m thinking of getting a paper round , and we were in Richmond Park by 8. We walked all round the ponds and Isabella Plantation , it is stunning at the moment. I showed john the stepping stones , where rosie got over zealous in feeding the ducks ….and fell in. I think we were with Emma, Goog and all the kids . Everyone had to give Rosie 1 item of their clothing to put on . Seeing as there were 9 kids , she was rather overdressed !

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  1. I remember Isabella Plantations-they were a fave when we were kids! Stepping stones in between all the lily pads.
    5th in the contract whist rachel, your skills are slipping!

  2. I though I had handed over the 10K blogging mantle to Stu as she said she had been requested to write a blog folk could relate to, and it seemed she was getting plenty of participation (which, let’s be honest I wasn’t – except you my lovely twin Lorna!!). The main update to my 10K thread would be that Julia has taken over the tee-shirt sourcing superstar that she is.

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