Is it an Olympic Sport ?

Our garden is so trimmed , theres room to have a bbq, so the 3 amigo’s are coming round for one . No , not the SOC ( although I’m sure they’d be round if they knew i was making mojitos ) but Sarah, Scissorhands Richard and Nat(Jensen Button)chat. John has even resurrected the table tennis table , and cos we’ve got no Jacob or fanatical Japanese students here, i guess we’ll have to play. No prizes to who is first out of the tournament …………me.

Phew , its hot here today- wht’s Copenhagen like ?

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  1. Phew, I’m glad to hear that your GARDEN is trimmed, you had us all worried there for a while 🙂 Copenhagen is WET WET WET 🙁 So enjoy your bbq, I’m not at all jealous, not at all, really I’m not, I said I’m NOT……

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