Please delete me , let me go

Terri , lovely thoughts /words/actions.

I think I’ve made a cyberspace booboo. I was googling someone I wanted to get in touch with and her facebook page came up, I clicked a few buttons and now people are asking if I want to be their friend. I haven’t a clue as to whats going on , and to be honest one of my junior school friends contacted Florence to get to me and that freaked me out ( I never did give her back her ‘Ice skating Barbie’ – will that appear on my CRB check ? ). I guess all the friends I want , i can text and I cannot bear the thought of any photo of me ( pre or post a custodial sentence ) plastered on a ‘friends’ computer screen with a tag running ccross my prominent attributes !

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  1. Don’t worry, you’re not on Facebook unless you’ve given them your name, date of birth and created a password and stuff-im pretty sure by that point you would have realised what was going on! It was probably asking you if you want to be their friend (and if you want to create a facebook) but you didnt. I tried searching for you just now and im 100% sure you’re not on there!
    Hope you’re doing ok xxxx

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