The course was tricky – just going into the Tate Mod and thinking about the last time Rosie went there with Holly and they were hysterical wading through talculm powder in the dark . All you AF’s out there will know the name of the artist I am talking about . A creme egg to the first correct answer.

Back to the course – then we had to get into pairs , describe our journey , what we were thinking about and all that b******s, then pretend you were your partner and describe how you felt. Of course i asked my partner zillions of questions to avoid her asking any about me . So when we fed back , everyone knew Claire( who I‘d never met before ) ‘s life history and Claire struggled to find anything to say about me – except i’d sucked a mint on the Piccadilly Line. Then we had to go into the turbine hall and on a massive piece of paper ( AF would have approved ) get down on our knees , sketch our partner’s journey ( poor Claire ) and then video it . At this point Claire , who works in a really rough comp in Leytonstone , and I really did laugh . She said her students would’ve run off by now and sold the cameras and I said mine would have found it hard to lie on the floor , draw and hold a video camera – I don’t think our lecturer really knew his target ‘ client group ‘.

Today , Grandma , Jacob and I had Tempura veg ( all the Dwyers favourite ) . Sadly the decorative radish , cut in the shape of a flower was left – as Rosie was the only one who ate those.Then we had prawn Pad Thai. I thought of Nim.

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  1. cildo meirelles… I loved the talcum powder bit! I was there on a date and I remember telling Rosie all about it, she sat there wide eyed as I told her about the demise of the relationship over the next few weeks. She was a very good listener, and no amount of my moaning would ever dampen her smiley demeanour, it was always sunny with Rosie.

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