Beautiful girls

We are into Nov and so I had to turn my calender over …and its Rosie with Georgie and Katie , in the Clarkes kitchen ( work surfaces are looking tip top , you’ll be pleased to know ), I think it was taken just before they went out for the evenings celebration bash . Not so sure they looked this good at the end of the night. Where did you all go ? Madame White Heat Afterskool Drayton JoJo’s club – you can see I’m up there with the beat ??

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  1. That will have been the night of my 19th birthday. We had champers and vodka etc at mine and then all trundled off to Fabric- a club thats normally too expensive for us but my birthday fund contributed to some of it! Rosie always made nights out more fun, such a party gal.
    This time last year i came home for reading week and me, rosie and helen had a night in at mine with wine and snacks (crisps from helen, artichoke hearts from rosie!) I remember spending the entire evening pissing myself laughing; the image of rosie sprawled across my sofa laughing is so strong in my mind. xxxx

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