Beautiful photos Bert, thanks.

However you look at it…100 weeks or 23 months , it is all wrong , cruel and sad. Our longing for Rosie is not an iota less than it was yesterday , the day before or all those weeks ago.

Today we are going to Ealing’s Annual Bereavement Memorial Service at St John’s Church. I handed in the slip with her name, ‘Rosie Grace Dwyer . I deliberately put her middle name in ,so she would be hanging in the air for more than a second

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  1. I love the new photos too. The one on the homepage is coincidently part of the desktop background on my laptop at the moment. It was taken at Valencia airport as we were waiting (a LONG time, in the scorching heat) for the shuttle bus to take us to Benicassim in 2007. Some of my favourite Rosie memories are from that holiday. X x

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