And plenty of almond paste

I’ve decided I’m giving up work and going into writing .My first book is going to be titled ‘Fifty Four Shades of Brown ‘, thus incorporating my age and my maiden name . Haven’t quite thought of the plot yet , but it’s going to involve, cable-ties, duct tape, rope and the Screwfix Catalogue. Everyone is going to wear limp greyish clothes , mainly because they have too much in their lives to bother waiting an hour for a sixty degree wash ( nothing wrong with a quick one ) to finish and then to get the iron out . That is the first part of the trilogy , I’ll get back to you with ideas for the sequel although I thought it might involve Mary Berry’s ( hot and firm ) buns in a special edition of her and Paul The Great British Bake Off .

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  1. Go for it – you’ll be as rich as Croesus! You could then afford the camper van of camper vans and write a book about camping ….

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