It’s a ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ reference

It could have gone global –

me trying to squeeze through 2 railings to get into the out of bounds area, which is Nunhead Reservoir .

It was the tits that were the problem- just couldn’t get them through .But once I’d taken off my coat and any other layers of clothing ( ensuring I couldn’t be arrested for indecency ) and pressed them down in true washboard fashion , I managed to get my whole big body through .But boy was it worth it .

Thanks to Nikki,Amy,Holly,Ryan and Stu for suggesting it and then taking Florence and me there .It has a zillionth of the crowds of Primrose Hill ,but an even better view of London .In fact the best view I’ve ever seen .Then the icing on the cake was a Wetherspoons Special – fish ,chips and mushies ,washed down with a glass of chilled white for £6.25 .It seemed extra specially good as on the 21st December we spotted the first pint we’d ever seen for over £7!!!!

The other bit of news is ,Mandy and I were invited back on the Jo Good Show on Friday ,but sadly ,neither of us can do it .

And more news , florence has chugged north ,Jacob has flown east and John and I are spending the last day of 2014 ,doing what we do best ( well John is brilliant at it ,I’m crap , it’s always a bit of a bish bash bosh job ) DIY , but if i do say it myself our Red Room of Pain is looking lovely !

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2015 x

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