A song for Rosie on her 24th Birthday

I hope you don’t mind Laura and Stu , but I’ve just printed your replies to give to Jeanie at No 87 , and because they are so Rosie and I’m too sad to write anything else, I’d like everyone to read your replies and think a little bit about her ,whenever they hear that song .
And to Rosie ,if ever any of this filters up to you …I love you so very very much and I am so very sorry xxxxxxxx

Posted by Laura Schlaeppi 06 Dec, 2013 10:10AM

Haha I was gonna suggest the same song Stu! She would sing the “you scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot” line extra passionately with exaggerated hand movements and crack up laughing after it X

Posted by isabel stewart 24 Nov, 2013 12:51PM

Fairytale of New York always reminds me of Rosie, I can remember her saying it was her favourite Christmas song and it being played and sung along to a parties/birthdays/ But then I can see that may not be appropraite for a carol singing sesh lol

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  1. This is so true, the knee slapping would have come out to this song I think too, or maybe I am just remembering ‘master of the house…’ – she gave that one some serious welly! I thought about Rosie all the way through watching the film of Les Mis.
    Rachel you should never apologise, nothing was your fault. you are an incredible mum and there is so much of Rosie’s life we can celebrate because you gave her such a brilliant one xxxxxx

  2. Edward – that is beautiful .have you seen her live ?
    Funnily enough at work today we put on ‘Fairytale of new York’ with the lyrics and we belted it out ,picking out key words in sign language .
    Then in my break I ( stupidly ) put on Lykke Li’s ‘Dance Dance Dance and then The Mystery jets ‘Young Love’ .Never quite picked myself after that .

  3. We always play this song when we decorate the tree. Will definately raise a glass to Rosie while its playing this year. xx

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