Words matter

Did anyone watch the recent documentary ‘Dolphin Boy’ ? It moved me beyond tears. It might seem odd,but other peoples ( especially parents and children ) trauma ,effects me deeply. I feel so sad for them .A couple of things that were said resonated deeply within me ….When the Father said of his 17 yr old son ,Murad, who ,for sending an innocent text message to a girl in his class, was kidnapped by her brothers and their male friends , subjected to a prolonged ,violent attack and beaten within an inch of his life and subsequently suffered the most severe attack of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ,the Israeli psychiatrist had ever had to treat said ”he is the blood running through my veins”, it rocked me .It made me think , that maybe ,metaphorically that is why I am so weary , a third of my blood has been taken from me ..Later on, the interviewer asked Murad, who after a couple of years of Dolphin Therapy, had started to talk, give eye contact and form relationships ”are you healed ?”, to which Murad replied ”Do I sleep the same way as you do ? I will never be healed, I just learn to cope with life”.I apologise if I sound sad , I just think and listen and read about people a lot. As a complete antithesis , this made me laugh .When Louis Theroux was asked how he’d like the opening line of his obituary to read ,he said ”attempting a triathlon aged 120 was always going to be risky, but Louis was never one to refuse a challenge.”

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