Declan – your comments made me LOL

On entering the pound shop ,I managed to sidestep Joan’s heavies-phew. Gassin,Ramatuelle, Milton Keynes, they are all the same to an international globe trotter like me. And as for that ‘z’ word,I’m sure I overheard heard it once in the all night grocers in West Ealing – could it be a type of stuffed courgette ?

Dining out tonight with my friends who have all had a child who died. I doubt if any of the other diners would guess what connects us all. We eat ,drink, talk ,laugh ( a lot ) and raise our glasses ( a lot ) to Angela, Danny Emma, Jenny, Laura, Rosie and Sean…and attempt to sort out the things that are bugging us at the moment. Sadly, we all ‘get’ each others pain.

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