Billy no mates me.

You know that theory , you wait ages for a bus , then 3 come along at once. Well it happened today to Jacob .He shot over to Brigstock to visit Grandma, then Audrey , Janes friend from Social Services , and then Avril , Grandma’s friend from The Golden Circle ( don’t ask – you just need to know its not golden or inner ) also dropped in to visit. Grandma held court on her bed . She CBA’d to get up and sit on the chair , and then proceeded to crack funnies(?) all afternoon .When an agency carer introduced herself as Elizabeth, Grandma quipped 1st or 2nd ?.Then the next agency carer , when asked, said her name was Juliet – to which Grandma asked ‘where’s Romeo ? Lizzie and Jules hadn’t got a clue as to what she was talking about.

I had a great morning at work , a group of African musicians came in to run workshops.By midday we were all up whooping and a dancing – infectious wonderful distractive, happy stuff.

Just had a email leafletty thing about the open air concerts at Hampton Court. Michael Ball ( I love a showtune) is on on Sat 19th June and none of the Dwyers want to come with me . Anyone interested ???

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