A walk

I hope you’ve all put your pants over your clothes , eaten your cereal and then got dressed again ? If you didnt watch ‘The Apprentice last night , you won’t have a clue as to what I’m talking about . I thought the best idea of a brand name for a breakfast cereal for kids was ‘cereal killer ‘ – where do they get them from ?

I know you are all pounding the streets of Ealing, but I was proud of myself yesterday – I WALKED 6 miles. Proud , as 4months & 1 week ago , I was blessed with boundless energy , needed little sleep and could walk double that distance with ease. Like Georgina, thinking of Rosie keeps me going , and sometimes just to liven things up a bit , I wave my arms around and lengthen my stide , just like she used to do . God, how I love her.

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