PLEASE look at the phto.

Please click on ‘The Charity Page’ and you will see a recent photo of Brenda and another teacher, taken about a week ago at The Southend Academy. Thanks to all of you , Brenda is employed for at least 3 ( hopefully 5 ) years .Our lovely friend and ex- ealing neighbour from Hessel Road, Andy ,who is a trustee and hard worker for ACE ,has just returned from visiting the school. I’m happy that they are happy and you can see by the other photos, the students are happy….that has to be good.

The unhappy thing ,is that Grandma has had a fall and hit her head on the bathroom sink . She has a nasty cut over her right eye- and to give her credit and hasn’t moaned once and insisted when it happened last night, that Uplands should not ring me til this morning as she knew I’d be visiting today .

She can’t be too bad as she’s asked Jacob to bring KFC over tomo !

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