Geog question

Adam , oh yes we’ve walked down those steep steps to Shrinkle Haven. But you can only get down there at low tide. My favourite walk in the world is from Stackpole Quay, over the cliff to Barafundle bay , over the next cliff to Broadhaven , up the right arm of the Lily Ponds, around the lake on The Stackpole Estate , over the 8arch bridge and across the fields to ‘The Boathouse Tearooms’ . But whatever you do , get Bob the garlic prawns ( injoke ) .Years and years ago we were doing that walk in the pouring rain and who should we bump into but…..Izzy Pickles et famille.

Does anyone out there know where on earth I am talking about ?

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  1. Yes – I know where you’re talking about and it’s my favourite too. Now we’ve told loads of people who knows who’ll we’ll bump into …..

  2. I remember that really well, it was such a rainy day. we had a picnic under this little bridge thing and then bumped into you guys. It was before Elthorne so i didn’t know Rosie, i had only been told that she was the one i’d wanted at my 2nd birthday. I had good taste even back then xxx

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