Big Bertha’s gone

We have been stripped of John’s big black X-Max ( thats a car for all you non Jeremy Clarkson thinkalikies out there ), so from now on we’ll be squeezing into our little Chevvy ( another car Not a girdle ).Can I persuade AF to create a risotto for dins ?

Anyone got a good recipe ? Lets see if i get more than 3 responses than for my quiz and 2 for my catfood. Sadly knowing people read this drivel does put a tiny smile on my face and help me – knowing that you are looking at Rosie’s website.

3 Replies to “Big Bertha’s gone”

  1. I have had one risotto in my life, and it was crunchy, so I am not in a position to submit recipes!
    I love this website, such a great way to remember the good times, and there were so many, not a day goes by when I dont think about my wonderful friend.

  2. I’m more of a cake person myself. I’ve got a good recipe for a lime,mango and coconut sponge. I suppose you could eat it with a knife and fork……….

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