A year off for a child’s birth ;two days for it’s death

My bambino has gone back to Glasgow and apart from the pottery class in the toilet , visiting every charity shop in the western hemisphere, the egg-themed bowl game with a final round of modelling play-dough ( instead of charades)- of which my team lost by une point , lunch in The Petersham Nurseries and the cutting out two thousand fish ( I managed about 30 and blamed my eyesight ), I have done nice stuff solo ( or with friends – I rarely fly solo ,not too good with my own company ) – Lichenstein , fishy lunch in Borough Market , cheesy singalong 60’s musical , had a Japanese meal cooked for us by Shizuka etc.

One day Florence and I heard Lucy Herd interviewed on the radio . About three years ago her 23month old son ,Jack, left her side (while she was on the phone) ,managed to open the back door and climb a four and a half foot wall .He drowned in the garden pond .Her husband was allowed just 2 days off work . She has started a campaign for parents’ rights to bereavement leave and not sick leave ( which is what I had ) .Please sign……………


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