I can hear shouting – The Six Nations is back

” While it might have become culturally commonplace for contemporary art to challenge the role of museums and their collections, few exhibitions do so with the curatorial intelligence and inventive rigour of this citywide show curated by Tom Morton .It’s a major cabinet of curiosities that mixes historical fact with cultural fiction to make one big bag of mixed-media intrigue”

Page 37 today’s Guardian Guide , on the exhibition being shown in Lincoln ” The World is Almost Six thousand Years Old ” – One of Jacob’s films is in this exhibition.

In the acknowledgements at the back of Kate MccGwires’s Book of her exhibition “Lure’ she thanks ….

“Tasha Marks,Rowena Coventry,Bea Bradley,Chloe Knight ,Liz Lewis,Graihagh Jackson and Florence Dwyer for their nimble fingers and hours of good-humoured work in the studio”

I am so proud of ALL my children

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