* Non hosp mini break

Thanks to Sarah brown I’ve had a 2 day *NHMB.She has been a star fending off all Gma’s 40 decibel questions about the patients in the other beds and keeping Grandma in instant cappuccinos,boiled sweets,chicken satay and mini cheddars- her favourites. Still not much progress on the physio front , which is causing a huge delay in her being discharged .sadly sarah flies back to Denmark tomo.

Set your videos to record ‘The Crimson Petal and the White’ tonight. A few years ago ,I suggested it for my book club to read. We loved it ( don’t blame me if it’s a bit naff on the TV ) .It’s by Michael Faber. We then went on to read another of his books -‘Under the Skin’ – .I loved it ,most hated it , but beware ,it is seriously weird.

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  1. I loved The crimson and the White too – didn’t realise it had been made into a film.. and thanks for the tip about Under the Skin, I’m off today to buy it.

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