3 Replies to “Don’t you wish you were one of those dancers ?”

  1. And…..has he photoshopped himself in or not ??? I’m intrigued .
    Did you watch the out-takes ? The very end of the credit reads ‘ In Memoriam, Matthew Love ,Fayetteville,North Carolina’ . Being me, I googled him .He’s 20yr old man who died in 2011 in a motorcycle accident .
    I’ve gone all goosey ,just typing it.

  2. No I hadn’t looked at the outtakes – but will know.I was wondering about his motivation and that’s so sad – and such a wonderful thing he’s done. I read a lot of the comments on the clip – it’s made a whole lot more than you and me smile, about 9 million actually.I did watch a presentation where he explained how he did it – and, no, he didn’t photoshop himself in – it’s all genuine. He has a sponsor even.

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