Auntie Grace was lovely – not sure if she knew who we all were though

When they tell you there will be darkness, uneven flooring and nudity – you don’t expect 8 people walking slowly towards you , then sitting and working on their computers , one having a row with the boss and in protest ,stripping completely ,and then the other 6 following suit ( of the birthday variety ) and then the boss doing the same and then them all silently filing slowly passed you , just to do it all again …and again …and I’m not talking about Auntie Grace’s 90th !

Last night John and I went to see dreamthinkspeak’s promenade performance ‘In The Beginning Was The End’ .It was performed in the bowels of Somerset House and Kings college – and you know how much I love tunnels/hidden places in London . It was really weird .Don’t know if I ‘got it ‘ or even if I was meant to ‘get it’ , but it was great .It all started a bit muddly and cramped while we walked around laboratories where mad scientists made robots and things , then we came entered the corridors of a fictitious company ‘Fusion’ and the fun started .There were films, people slowly flying down outside the windows ,giant robots and one telephone box told me I was ugly( I haven’t actually been told that since 1991 , when a friends next door neighbour shouted it over the fence and that was just before she hosed us down ,and the police were called and she hosed them down too , but I digress ). It was mad and crazy and ended up in a beautiful lemon grove corridor .Then we got chips on the way home – bliss .

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