Our family

I’m sorry but i’m going to moan ( NO changes there then ). We have had a few Christmas cards already and ……a) how could anybody in their right mind , wish us Happy / Merry Christmas ? The sender might be having one ,and I’m thrilled for them, and I’m sure in our own little way we will have a sad ,yet special time, surrounding ourselves with people who we feel emotionally secure with……b) Rosie still very much exists in our family. It breaks my heart when cards arrive to John,Rachel,Jacob and Florence. with no mention of Rosie. How could anyone wipe Rosie out of our lives just like that ? I will repeat what i said about 11 months ago – she is permanently in our minds, brain, vision.soul. When I am looking at you , I am seeing her too. If I have to do other stuff, like at work, she is behind me , nudging me on and giving me strength. If I glaze over , I am talking to her . my concentration span is very short, I tire easily, if I’m out I want to get home, shops freak me out , I am scared .So, now you are all told -sorry, so get your tippex out…….and re write !

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