My head’s all jangly today – with good,bad and sad stuff – so excuse me jumping around the page .

I guess it has a lot to do with it being the 11th of the 11th , the 2 minutes silence ,all the people who have lost their lives through war ( esp .the young ones ) . can’t stop thinking about them .Although my grief is primarily for Rosie , I feel such deep pain for other people – maybe it is because I know their death will effect their loved ones and how wrong it is for them .

Jangle 1 is a good one .I received this email from Rosie’s friend ,Ruby to day .Two hopes -one is that I hope she doesn’t mind me printing it – two,is that I hope she goes.

”Hiya Rachel,

I’m one of Rosie’s friends, I went to college with Holly, Stu, Nikki etc.

I’m in Kenya, visiting my girlfriend, for 6 weeks and I would really love to go and see Rosie’s school (I don’t know what else to call it!!) I know its in the west but thats all really. If you don’t mind me visiting could you give me some directions and things. I’d love to meet everyone, take some pictures and come tell you all about it when I’m back in London.

Sorry this is a bit out of the blue I am the worst organiser in the world, Hope you’re all doing well

Ruby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

Jangle 2 is something I read in today’s ‘Homes’ section of The Sunday Times .Richard Rogers ,the architect , writes about restoring his place in Vernazza,Italy, where his son,Bo,aged just 27, died suddenly ,last year . The journalist asks , Can Vernazza be a happy place for the family again? he says he thinks it can ”But it’s Ruthie ( his wife ) I’m worried about .She makes me look like a blundering heavyweight.” He searches for the right words .”Ruthie is up and down.She is okay ,and then it hits her, it is like an explosion.She describes it as a ‘tsunami’ of grief .I’m alright in the day, but at night when I close my eyes , it comes to me and I can’t sleep.I’ve come to the conclusion women are different .I can bear it somehow- I’ve no idea how. Ruthie can’t it is a terrible thing .””

Jangle 3 is PDT ( positive distraction therapy) – Soupy Kitchen, a huge R&C, Strictly ,I’m an MP ,get me out of here……

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