Where are Stu and Holly when you need them ?

Jacob is now safely home in his little ghetto pad having run form Asia to Europe in ?????mins. His microchipped time hasn’t been sent to him yet – so maybe later we can all celebrate his time ( or not , if its over 5 hours ).So when i spoke to him on Skypey about an hour ago he was just off for a shower ( i still don’t understand why he feels the need to strip off on camera ), and out with Suze to a cafe for chai, backgammon and shisha- still don’t think he’s found the Uni , maybe he ran passed it today.

Yesterday Flo and I saw the ipod doc , not good news i’m afraid , but , we have ordered an indentical one and will Flo will load all Rosies tunes onto that – then maybe even teach me how to use it. We needed cheering up and so went out for afternoon tea to ‘Yauatcha’ in Berwick street. Rosie had an amazing night out there with all her pals from Waitrose , to celebrate someones Bday. The photos of them are fab , they ALL look so beautiful and happy – out of uniform ! She raved about that place and so when Flo and I stumbled on it , we had to go there. We didn’t have lunch there , cos old ‘padlock pockets’ ( me ) had made us butties we ate before we went, so instead we took tea. The cakes are a work of art and the whole place is buzzing- we could just see Rosie sprawled across one of the back benches, laughing. God how i wish………….

Claire, Sept 11th is now famous for something else. Mandy took me on a 5mile walk.Eleven miles later and still walking ( in stupid slippy sloppy shoes ), my toe went black and i couln’t walk properly for a week.

John and I have just pivoted ( its just like Strictly in this house ) the 2 huge Rosie portraits round. gridding commences this afternoon.

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  1. That’s a jolly good question. Stolly are coming to visit me on the 6th of November, that’s the plan at the moment and I can’t wait to see them. It’s almost a year ago when Stu and Rosie came to visit me. That’s where that picture of her with the ‘food’ menu was taken. If only. I remember on the first night we went on this charity bar crawl with people from the society chaperoning us from bar to bar. We were walking down this pedestrian bit and me and Rosie and stu were lagging farrr behind because rosie and i were on the floor laughing at something. They had to tell us to hurry up.
    lots of love xxxx

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