Name that film

I love water, seeing water, walking near it ( not bothered about drinking it , unless its with a meal ),frolicking (?) in it, my pond, but best of all I love THE SEA. Yesterday I got the train to Crowhusrt , met up with my friend Bev, and we went walking on Bexhill Beach . The wind was crazy, We went west towards Beachy Head, and could barely walk, the wind was so strong .Then east, towards Hastings, and were nearly flattened. We did however, go for a nosey , to Graham Norton’s new house, which is right on the beach. Help me here………it reminded me of a glassy,swanky beachfront Californian (?) house in an American film anbout a beautiful couple. He’s a controlling bully and she fakes her own death. He realises and comes looking for her., then it all gets stupid. I spent the whole train journey home trying to remember the name of that film.Help.

Then the bar ar The Cooden Beach Hotel beckoned.

Math Hurst and the 3 Pickles are on Board . ( Thats not the name of the band representing the UK in 2010 Eurovision )

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