I think this would have given Jane hope

It’s stupid and I am under no illusion that this is nothing but drivel , but I always feel a bit guilty towards Rosie when I don’t write on this …but

I only want to write if i have something to say , and at the moment I have lots to say , but am too weedy to say it . So I’m going to do what my friend and colleague , Paul M. calls a ‘Brain Dump’ ( is it corporate speak ? – if so it’s pretty rank and it makes me laugh every time he says it ) .

….I’m very proud . Florence and her friend,Sarah , cycled the Dunwich Dynamo ,overnight last Saturday – yes the day the sun went in ,the full moon was no-where to be seen , the rains came and the winds blew a hooley. After a 130mile overnight cycle ,they arrived smiling, intact and happy – pure joy .

….You’re hot , I’m hot , we’re all hot and the hottest room in the house is Rosie’s – bless her .

….Brexit …”It’s painful to see Britain buy into it’s own imperial , nostalgic myth and fall prey to the resulting delusions ” – I’m not clever enough to write that German journalist ,Alexander Menden, is .

….Being an ostrich – regarding Brexit ,Trump ,the far right , the chaos that is The Labour Party , global warming , I am .

….Just watched the final episode of four seasons of Homeland , only to find out there are another four seasons .

…. A medal should be awarded to the casting director of Homeland for getting a baby who looks exactly like Damien Lewis !

….Thanks to all who have funded The Medical Research Council,Spinal Research and Wings for Life ,who are working on removing dense scar tissue blocking nerve recovery in a damaged spine thus allowing tetraplegics to feed themselves, brush their teeth, pick up a drink etc .

Melanie Reid writes ”Life has been hard recently ; behind a brave face I have felt fairly desolate.I speak here for 50,000 fellow paralysed people in the UK and for the 3 more poor buggers told every day that they will not be able to walk again : this news allows us to hope that in our lifetime we might – just might – receive an injection to restore a tiny bit of our lives”

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