Some people make your blood boil

Campsite etiquette

Day 1 .Once safari tent is erected , position chairs and table to give optimum people watching opportunities whilst actually not being too visual yourself

sit down

pretend to read paper

stare at people ( or in some cases , don’t even bother with the paper )

Day 2. Give people names

We had..

Mr and Mrs Buster – middle aged couple whose dog Buster did everything except what they asked him to do .

The Surfer. – man with a wet suit hanging up outside his tent and a beer in his hand

Jane and Roy – cos they had the same van as our friend’s Jane and Roy, used to have

The Tough Cookies – 3 people in 2 tiny tents that survived the gales

and finally

The Racists

Yes sadly , they are everywhere .

in the whole campsite there is one washing- up sink , so while washing,drying or waiting for your turn , you get chatting .

The conversation normally revolves around vans/tents/campsites/wind/walks etc ..and then may get personal ..where you live ( rarely names – probably as we’ve already given each other names ) etc .

I was going through the usual chat and I asked ”where do you live?” , to which the lady who was drying up , replied ( and not in a positive way ) ”Hereford – which used to be very nice ,but now it’s full of immigrants ”

I made my exit and spent the rest of the week avoiding her .

Then I thought about it and aren’t we all immigrants or emigrants ?

Take my little family ………..

Apart from J,J,and F ,I don’t have many blood relatives ( Mother was an only child , but Dad had 3 siblings ) .

My brother and ALL his family live in Denmark

4 of my cousins live in NZ , 2 in Aus ,1 in Dubai

I have 1 cousin over here

John’s Mum and Dad came over from Ireland

People like her make me very angry

8 Replies to “Some people make your blood boil”

  1. Yup, they’re everywhere. And walking the away is the only option. I still get blown away whenI come across such bigotry, though.

    I’m seeing a very popular TV show starring Surfer, Buster and the Tough Cookies in the pipeline.

  2. I always feel, after I have made my exit, that I should have stayed and had the discussion, but I’m just so taken aback that people can actually think that way, that I’m left speechless, and unfortunately my faith in mankind is not big enough to convince me, that the discussion will change anything 🙁 And I live in DK which used to be a nice place, but is now governed by people who wants to place adds i newspapers, telling refugees to stay away……

  3. I know it is tricky . I tend to close the conversation down very quickly and make an exit ..and then avoid the person .
    It was made even more scary as she is a primary school teacher and had moved to Hereford from South Africa.
    I’ve started writing the script for the TV show ! Did you ever see the film ‘Sightseers’ about a couple who go off caravanning – absolutely brilliant

  4. I’ve tried the rationale conversation root, and my experience has generally been that, whatever you say, the mere fact that you’re engaging makes the bigot think it’s perfectly acceptable to up the outrageous things they’re saying. I loved that movie!

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