me again

I hope you’ll all join with me in sending positive energy to my dear friends Judy and Hazel who are climbing Ben Nevis on Sunday .
They are doing in this for their daughters Angela and Laura , who both tragically died ten years ago .
They are doing it to make not only make Angela and Laura proud ,but to make them laugh … wherever they may be

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  1. Good luck Hazel and Judy!
    We did something similar last year (Croagh Patrick,Ireland) for our son.So special!
    Hope the sun shines for them!

  2. Hello Rachel,
    I look at your blog as a result of the Listening Project and when you write about Rosie it is always so full of love.
    Thank you for asking about Croagh Patrick. We wanted to do something special last year for our son Patrick, who died in 2010. We were sponsored by friends and family.We often visit Ireland as Denis is Irish. It was a beautiful day weather wise, no pulling out! I am not sporty so I had to battle with my natural instincts, especially with the scree and gradient. Denis hauled me up the last bit to the summit! It was an amazing view,though this was clouded a bit by thoughts of my descent! For me that was very slow, my daughter and our little grandsons were going to meet us at the base.As dusk descended the hotel seemed a better option!
    Such a special day.As you know we do the impossible sometimes for our children, wherever they might be.

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