Good bloody byes- I hate them

It really has been an emotional week .

On Wednesday ,17 of my work students left .

Most of them I have taught for 8years as they leave our school at 19 .
So saying goodbye to someone of that age who you have grown to love and admire and who has made you laugh and who you’ve danced with , sung with , made art with , rode bicycles with and had water fights with and have a huge affection and admiration for , is dam bloody hard and sad . I wish them all safe ,happy and fulfilled lives .

Then yesterday , John and I helped Mary clear Vilma out .

Dear old Vilma is Mary and Tony’s much loved, very lived in ,trusty old VW camper-van .

We have had such happy times with Emerald parked up next to her and the 4 of us hysterical over something or nothing . We LOVED going away with Mary and Tony .

It was all going Ok until we came across Tony’s hat – a big brown leather thing that was him . If our grief overwhelmed us ,I cannot imagine how it felt for Mary – so sad , so tough .

Sorry for the clumsy words , but I know what I mean

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