I couldn’t have done it without Jacob and Florence.

I stirred it in , it wasn’t too thick – but very dark brown ( you can imagine what it looked like without even having experienced the sunday morning hopfarm toilets ).but it still tasted like sewagery seawater- any tips ?

Moving Grandma for the 2nd time in 3 weeks has near dam physically and mentally finnished me off. When your heart is broken ( suddenly ) it affects your whole being – you feel exhausted ,so so so sad, lonely, its difficuilt to think /make decisions and as for putting ‘your mask’ everyday…..I need an escape in the form of the penulimate JR and a strong R&C.

Thank you to Steph,Lorna, Claire and Bob for sending Grandma ‘ ‘moving home’cards -Now you can do it again , this time to :-

Room 29,

Uplands Care Home,

254 Leigham Court road,


S.W.16 2QH

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