Who needs Hells kitchen , when you’ve got Nat & Georgie ( not to be confused with Gilbert and Georgie the famous artists – how Rosie loved their exhibition ) bringing round a curry – up to my usual ‘Vesta’ ** standard i hope .

Mixed with the stars , when I was treated to afternoon tea at The Petersham Nurseries. Well , we didnt exactly see any , but Mandy said she saw Helena Bonham Carter last time she was there , and I read it was Madonna’s fave place to have lunch. I felt people were staring at us , maybe they thought we were the 2 from ‘How clean is your House ? ‘. They obviously thought i was the one without the bun. !

**You will only get this reference if

a) you are over 49

b) you are a student who buys out of date food from a dodgy shop

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