We’re having a heatwave

My bedroom used to be this colour …. can’t beat a good strong shade of orange .

Well we’re back from Eype ,Dorset and what have I learnt ?
1. No matter how many times I climb Thorncombe Beacon , I puff , pant , wheeze , feel like my lungs are going to explode and then take 100 pics plus of the view – it is worth every dam step .
2. ( worryingly ) Lots of Daily Mails are sold in the campsite shop . Not that I’m into labelling (?) , but I think its all the people up the static-caravan end , that are buying them . Us lot ,on grass , tend to be hitting the IPA’s and local cider and avoiding anything to do with Boris.
3. After 7 years of staying in Eype and drooling over the view – white cliffs, aqua sparkling sea, the occasional para-glider drifting over Emerald , don’t be hacked off when you invite family over for a lunchtime bbq , the mist drops , and you can’t even see your soft baps, let alone the view.
4.bbq’s on the beach taste better
5.Going in the sea is more fun with somebody else .
6 . That when you drop a Travel Scrabble tile down one of Emerald’s grooves , you might not find it until the following day – good job it wasn’t an S , I’d have demanded a re-match.
7 . Dorset cereal tastes better in Dorset – it’s back to Lidl’s granola once home
8 . Whatever the temp on the cliff-top , its 13 degrees higher at 106

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